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Blue PVC pipes Installing pipe

Just some of what PVC can do for you

All new wells installed by Larry Stiverson Water Well Drilling come equipped with a full PVC pipe system. Through over 50 years of experience, we have discovered that PVC is not just a great material for building your new well, but possibly the best material for you!

You may not think of PVC pipe as a go-to material for your water lines, but don’t let its size, weight, or price deceive you. PVC offers a high tolerance to pressure and is more shatter resistant than metal.


Larry Stiverson  Water Well Drilling specializes in PVC systems as they are very cost effective alternatives to metal pipes and come with many of the same benefits as well as a few of their own!

Built to last

Because they are made of plastic, PVC pipes do not conduct electricity and are also immune to chemical reactions caused by many acids, bases, and salts which can corrode and eat through metal pipes. They are also more flexible than metal pipes which gives them a higher fracture resistance. It also gives them a high tolerance for impact compared to clay or cement pipes. It may be hard to believe the strength of these pipes until you see them for yourself!

PVC can save you money

Compared to much heavier metal pipes, PVC is relatively lightweight and can be handled much easier thus lowering the amount of labor needed to install a pipe system and lowering your final bill. It also comes in lengths that are longer than standard metal piping. The benefits of this are twofold. First, you'll have fewer pipes so your material costs are lower. Second, there are fewer joints which means your pipes have fewer areas to spring a leak or lower your water pressure.

The premier pipe solution for you